Dennis, a visionary business leader with a demonstrated record of building successful companies, serves as an advisor and shareholder of Voyager Expanded Learning, a company that creates new methods for effectively teaching students. Dennis was inspired to begin research in the fields of learning and memory after experiencing frustration with the ineffectiveness of business training techniques. Applying his passion for learning and his business acumen, Dennis invented the patented LIT methodology and e-learning platform, which enable users to “Lock In Thought” and retain new information at rates that far exceed traditional learning methods.

Dennis is involved in numerous not-for-profit organizations concerned with learning and development including Just for the Kids, Winston School, Dallas County Community College District, and KERA. He has served on educational advisory boards for the Governor’s Business Council and he and his wife, Claudia, serve on the leadership council for the Center for BrainHealth, a part of The University of Texas at Dallas, which is dedicated to cutting-edge research in the brain sciences.

“I have been asked countless times to be involved with various charities and like most of us, I have to be selective. In all my years, I believe Sons of the Flag is amongst my most passionate and worthwhile causes for many reasons. Two of the top reasons are first, I believe in the founder with all my heart. Ryan Parrott is a person of the highest integrity and he not only talks the talk but truly walks the walk. He is a man of heart and a man of action. Second, the cause is extremely worthwhile and gravely needed to help all burn survivors, especially the brave men and women in our military. I cannot speak highly enough of this cause.”