For those driving to the Drop Zone they need to be there at 11:30.
Rudy’s BBQ will be served at 12:00
Please dress appropriately for outside. Sun Block Light Jacket
Seating will be limited, Please bring lawn chairs if available.

Driving Time is estimated: 1.2 hrs from Cavanaugh Addison.

This starts from the George Bush.

  1. George Bush west to I-35E north toward Denton
  2.  I-35E north (34 miles) to Sanger FM-455/Chapman Rd (exit 478)TURN LEFT.
  3. FM-455 west (10 miles). To Atcheson Rd TURN RIGHT
  4. Atcheson Rd (1 mile) to Waide Rd. TURN RIGHT (Gravel Road)
  5. Follow Waide Rd east then north for aprox 1.7 miles Look for black gates on the left They will be open.
There will be “SONS OF THE FLAG” Signs posted along the way to assist.