TrackingPoint: World’s First Precision-Guided Firearms Put Fighter-Jet ‘Lock and Launch’ Tech in a Rifle System for Superior Long-Range Shooting Accuracy

Austin, Texas (DATE)—Long-range shots have long been challenging for big game hunters with multiple variables like wind speed and direction, human error due to jitter, recoil, range miscalculation and even curvature of the earth diminishing shot accuracy. Equally challenging have been consecutive shots at multiple unknown distances with any degree of speed or consistent first shot accuracy.

Now, the first precision-guided firearm (PGF) system developed by TrackingPoint™ is putting fighter-jet style “lock and launch” technology into a rifle system to create the most accurate shooting system in the world that can enable anyone to be an elite long-range marksman in minutes and greatly increase one’s ability to take multiple shots at multiple ranges quickly and effectively.

TrackingPoint’s exclusive XactSystem™ is a PGF system that includes a custom rifle, precision conventional ammunition, a networked tracking scope with heads up display, and a guided trigger. TrackingPoint’s precision guided firearm virtually eliminates shooter errors in aim, trigger pull, environmental inputs and range miscalculation to deliver five-times the first shot success rate of traditional systems at targets up to 1,200 yards, regardless of shooter skill level or expertise.

With the XactSystem, shooters can tag, track and hit their aim point exactly – a shot process referred to as Tag, Track, Xact™ or TTX – because the PGF automatically adjusts for range, temperature, barometric pressure, spin drift, wind input, cant, inclination and more. Simply paint the target with the tag to lock on, watch as the tag persists regardless of relative movement, align the reticle representing the firing solution with the tag, squeeze and hold the trigger to arm the system, and the networked tracking scope releases the guided trigger when the reticle and tag are optimally aligned. Paired with the precision XactShot™ ammunition custom loaded for TrackingPoint by Barnes Bullets™, the XactSystem ensures repeatable performance and accuracy even at extended ranges. Shots in less supported positions like kneeling, barrier supported and sitting are also possible with TTX technology – as long as you can tag it, you can hit it.

Precision guided firearms also feature smartphone applications that interact with the embedded Wi-Fi server in the networked tracking scope. The ShotView™ app streams video from the heads up display in the networked scope technology to any smartphone or tablet enabling hunters to cooperate, guides to mentor clients, and fathers to teach sons the pleasures of shooting or hunting. The networked tracking scope also records each shot sequence from tag until 10 seconds after the shot is taken and takes stills of the tag, shot and the frame 10 seconds after the shot so hunters can download using their TrackingPoint app and share their shot films and stills with friends, complete with voice and the shot data, over Facebook, Twitter and email to prove their shot.

Applied technologies required by precision guided firearms combine drone tracking expertise, high speed processing power, laser knowledge, software experience, applied mathematics and ballistics modeling, and multi-disciplinary engineering teams to achieve successful integration. At the heart of each system is the ballistic computer which has been modeled virtually using applied mathematics and trued through live fire of many XactSystems and thousands of rounds of XactShot ammunition across many environmental conditions, test cases, system lifecycle, altitudes, temperatures, angles and ranges.

CEO John McHale has a long and distinguished career in network computing technology, having served as chairman of the board at BreakingPoint, one of the leading content-aware testing systems providers specializing in application, performance and security testing. As CEO of NetSpeed, Inc., which developed digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet technology, McHale oversaw NetSpeed’s sale to IT industry giant Cisco. TrackingPoint is his fifth startup overall.

TrackingPoint President Jason Schauble brings firearms, ammunition and operational expertise to the team having previously run Remington Defense’s global operations, served as a senior civilian operations officer for Marine Special Operations Command, and having completed a decorated career (Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart recipient) as a combat leader with the elite US Marine Force Recon community.

Perfect for any size game, from whitetail deer, bear and elk to exotic game, the TrackingPoint system is available in three models, all with custom 0.5 MOA Surgeon rifles, Krieger cut rifled barrels and 200 rounds of Barnes’ XactShot ammo included:

  • The XS1 is a 338 Lapua Magnum with 27” barrel, AAC muzzle brake, 6-35X zoom and Tag, Track, Xact™ precision up to 1,200 yards firing 300 grain Sierra Match King ammunition.
  • The XS2 is a 300 Win Magnum with 22” barrel, AAC muzzle brake, 6-30X zoom and Tag, Track, Xact™ precision up to 1,000 yards firing 220 grain Sierra Match King ammunition.
  • The XS3, also a 300 Win Magnum, is a McMillan A5 with adjustable cheek piece and 22” barrel, 6-30X zoom and Tag, Track, Xact™ precision up to 750 yards with 190 grain Barnes LRX™ ammunition.

The first three TrackingPoint systems will debut at the 2013 Shot Show in January, with additional products set for launch in the spring.

About TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint is an Austin, Texas-based applied technology company that created the first Precision Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new long-range shooting system that puts jet fighter “lock and launch” technology in a rifle, enabling anyone to accurately hit targets at extended range.
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